How we optimise Magneto?

Magento shopping is very resource intensive.

Our hosting platform is optimised to ensure Magento run at optimal speed.

Below are a list of optimisations do on all our servers:

  • APC Opcode Cache - We have set up APC and enabled on all hosting accounts.  We provide high shm_size limit so most of your Magento files will be servced from memory.
  • Nginx - All pages are served through the reverse proxy.  Nginx is more efficient than apache and all static contents are served through it.
  • FastCGI - PHP is run in FastCGI evironment which provides another layer of optimisation
  • Optimised MySQL - MySQL settings have been optimised to make use of memory for caching.
  • RAID 10 SAS hard drives - Our servers are configured in RAID 10 using SAS drives to provide the best IO.

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