Magento Hosting
At ANS Communications we specialise in ecommerce and hosting for your shopping cart.  
All our servers are hosted in Australian Data Centres and have the most powerful hardware on the market.   We understand that as an online retailer your business depends upon your website being continually available to your customers.  Our team have over 10+ years of ecommerce experience and ready to help you with all your ecommerce related questions.

Magento Shopping Cart Hosting

More than 110,000 merchants worldwide use and trust magento, the open source Ecommerce software that gives users complete control and flexibility over their online stores.  At ANS communications we make it easy for you to host and install your Magneto shopping cart with the minimal technical knowledge.  All our hosting packages come with autostallers so you can install your Magneto shopping cart with just a few clicks.  We are always here to help if you have any problems with your installation.

Australian Servers

Does your Magento mainly sell to Australian customers?  Our servers are hosted in Australian Data Centres so your customers will have the best shopping experience that they deserve.  Research shows up to 50% users will abandon a website if it takes too long to load.  Our powerful Australian servers will ensure that your customers are satisfied with the speed of your website and build loyalty for your online store.  A fast Australian server will improve the chance of your customers completing the order process.

Server Resources

Magento shopping cart tends to be resource intensive.  Many hosts will tell you to upgrade to a VPS/VDS if you want to host a Magento shopping cart.  Our powerful hosting servers are more than capable to host your Magento shopping cart and we do not require you to upgrade.  

How our optimised server configurations can help you get the most out of your Magento online store:
  • PHP in FastCGI mode with APC support.  APC will store your PHP scripts into opcodes so they will not need to be compiled everytime when called.  This dramatically improves the execution speed of your PHP scripts.
  • Optimised MySQL settings to enable cahcing in memories.  This will speed up regularly accessed queries.
  • Lots of RAM.  The more RAM available in the system, the faster a program can run.  We allow up to 256Mb of APC shm_size to optimise the performance of your Magento shopping cart.

Server Configurations

Magento have some special server requirements in order to run properly.  All our hosting servers are configured so that you can run your Magneto shopping cart problem free.  Memory limit is another problem for many Magento retailers.  Magento requires high memory limit which many hosts do not provide.  We gurantee you that memory will never be a problem when hosting with us.  Most of our servers have more than 30 Gb or RAM!

Easy Upgrade

If your online store grows and you require to upgrade your hosting to a VPS or Dedicated, we will help you move your shopping cart to the new server with minimal interuption, FREE of charge.

Ecommerce Packages

At ANS Communications we have created Ecommerce hosting packages which will give you discount everything need to run a successful Magento store.  Our ecommerce hosting packages combines SSL Certificate, Dedicated IP, We Hosting all in a discounted price to get you started instantly.  We will install your SSL Certificate as well.  Do you need a domain name?  A discount of $10 is given for any Australian domain names registered with our ecommerce hosting pacakges.  

You can view our Ecommerce Web Hosting Packages here