True Multiple Domain Hosting

ANS Communications offer you true multiple domain hosting on all web hosting accounts.
Many other hosts restrict you the number of domains you can host in your hosting account.  
We believe you should be able to use all the storage space and bandwidth you purchased without any restrictions and allow you host multiple domains under different directory in your hosting account.
You can add as many domains as you want to  your account as "Addon Domains", providing it is within your purchased storage and bandwidth limit.  This is especially useful for those who own multiple domains and want to manage them under the same account.  Each domain will have its own directory, and you can manage them using the main FTP account, or you can create individual FTP account to manage a particular domain.

True Multiple Domain Email Hosting!

Not only can you host multiple domains in your account, you can also set up individual email addresses assigned to those domains.
All these are done through CPanel so you can be sure it will be extremely easy for you to manage your multiple domain hosting including their emails.  It cannot get more simplier than this to manage multiple domains!
Host multiple domains, manage the files and email addresses, all in one account through one control panel!

Ideal for web designers and web developers

Our multiple domain hosting is the ideal solution for web designers and developers.  You can host and manage all your clients' web sites under one hosting account, enabling you to save money and increase your revenue. 
Being able to manage all your clients' websites using one single FTP/Control Panel login can really speed up your design/development process and reduce management time.
When needed, you can create a FTP logins for your clients to access their own websites, without access to other websites in the same hosting account.  Please contact us if you want more details regarding this feature.