What is Pay Per Click (PPC)?

Pay per click is a type of Internet Marketing where you pay to have your advertisement displayed on the major Seach Engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo.  As an advertiser you pay a fee each time your advertisement is clicked.
PPC is a very cost effective way to reach your targeted audience and drives web traffic to your website instantly.

How Can We Help?

At ANS Communications our team are experts in managing and optmising your PPC Campaigns.  We have developed our own custom software to measure all aspects of your PPC Campaigns and maximise your Return Of Investment (ROI).

Return of Investment Optimisation

We use many tools to measure the performance of your PPC Campaign and tweak it to provide the maximum ROI.  We will make sure your advertising budget is spent on the best performing keywords.

Keyword Research

Our team will find keywords which will generate the maximum ROI for your campaign.  Keywords with negative ROI will be removed to remove wasteful spending from your advertising budget.

Maximise Profit Margin

Integration with your shopping cart software to not only maximise ROI, but also the actual profit margin.  Your PPC campaign will be tweaked by our custom software to maximise profit margin for each of your product.

Transparent Reporting

Detailed reports are generated with our custom software letting you stay up to date with your campaign. 

Advert Optimisation

We will design and optimise your ads to achieve the maximum click and conversion rate.  This will also improve on your ad's "Quality Score".

Landing Page Optimisation

Landing page A/B testing to maximise your conversion rate for each landing page.

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