Australian WordPress Hosting
At ANS Communications we are a Wordpress Hosting specialise and our servers are configured to make Wordpress lightning fast and secured.  

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a state-of-the-art semantic personal publishing platform with a focus on aesthetics, web standards, and usability.  The software is FREE and can be installed easily on our hosting platform with one click.

How our servers make Wordpress lightning fast?

  •  Our servers support Brotli compression.  Brotli is a new open source compression algorithim developed by Google as an alternative to Gzip.  Google's case study on Brotli has shown compression ratios of up to 26% smaller than current methods, with less CPU usage.
  • All our servers support HTTP/2.  HTTP/2 is a new version of the HTTP protocol that reduces the number of connections needed to load all the content on each page. Instead of creating many connections to load content, HTTP/2 will make a single network connection to request all of your images at once.
  • Lots of resources for your domain.  Our servers are powerful and we provide high resource limits so your website can run at its optimal speed.
  • PHP 7.2 with caching support.  Benchmarks have shown PHP 7.2 can be 2 - 5 times faster than PHP 5.6.

Why you should host your Wordpress with us?

  • Servers in Australian Data Centres.
  • Optmised for low Time to First Byte
  • Softculous one-click WordPress installations, updates and backups.
  • Expert WordPress support.  Our staff are WordPress experts so we can help with all your plugins.  We can also help you optmise the speed of your Wordpress website so you can provide better experience for your visitors.
  • 99% up-time guarantee.
  • Reliability and security for your site.  We automatically scan for, and prevent hacking attempts on your site.  Our servers have Intrusion Detection Systems installed to ensure your WordPress blog won't get hacked.  We will contact you and let you know when our system detect any exploit on your account.
  • Flexible and affordable plans that allow for growth.
  • Premium Australian bandwidth.
  • Nightly account and MySQL backup for your peace of mind.
  • Assistance with moving your sites.  We will help you migrate your site to our servers free of charge.
  • Advance WordPress setup.  If you have a large WordPress site, we do do custom setup with load balancing on different VDS or Dedicated servers.  You do not need to be technical as we will manage all the backend infrastructure for you.  Need load balancing and MySQL clustering?  We can do that without any additional setup cost.
  • 30 day money back guarantee.

Wordpress Management Service

We offer wordpress management service which can be added to your hosting account.
This service is charged at $20/month per wordpress installation.

With this service we will manage your wordpress installation for you.
We will update and secure your wordpress installation for you.
Your wordpress installation will be scanned regularly and we will decode encoded templates to make sure there are no exploits.
Most exploits are done through plugins and templates, and we will regularly audit them to prevent your wordpress from being hacked.  If vulnerability is found in a plugin, and no patch is available, our developer will create a custom patch to remove the vulnerability.


Hosting Products

Free Wordpress Optimisation

We provide FREE Wordpress website optimisation analysis for all our websites.
Our custom script will let you know which theme and/or plugin is slowing down your website so you can fix it.

cPanel Web Hosting

We are a Cloudflare Hosting Partner and all hosting accounts come with Cloudflare and can be managed through cPanel.

cPanel Web Hosting

All our web hosting services use cPanel/WHM, allowing our clients to simplify the management of their hosting account.