We offer Wordpress management service to our hosting customers.

Wordpress is the most popular blogging platform, at the same time, it is the most exploited blogging platform as well.

At ANS Communications, for a low $25 per month, we will keep your Wordpress up to update and regularly scan your themes and plugin for exploits.

We have created our own custom scanners to pick up exploits ASAP and our admin will patch and secure your Wordpress for you.

This service includes the following:
  • Keeping your Wordpress up to date
  • Keeping your theme up to date
  • Keeping all your plugins up to date
  • Custom scanners to detect exploits before to minimise damage to your Wordpress installation
  • Daily backup
  • Installation of security plugins to help you defend your Wordpress from exploits
Don't wait until your Wordpress installation has been hacked.  Contact us today.